Speed Up Your PC Today By Learning How to Defeat the Windows Registry Error

Before we had the "Quick Launch" icons and text, now we have a raw of large icons, from where you can start an application or switch between applications by clicking left. If the application has only one window the switching is made directly, but if it has multiple windows, when clicking the new "Taskbar" icon a thumbnail view of each window is presented and a second click is needed to switch to a certain window.

User Account Control - this is Microsofts way to keep your PC safe from hackers, spam and phishing attacks. Every time you run a program and try to change something in System Files or Registry, a pop up windows appears asking if you allow or deny that action. The good thing about UAC is that in the Windows 7 version its customizable: you can change one up to four settings. In Vista you had it or you didnt.

Aero Desktop - is the nicest addition to Windows 7s interface, which allows you to see behind every opened window. Navigating between windows using the "Alt + Tab" combination has been improved by adding the "Aero Peek".

Windows 7 is the latest OS released in 2009 by Microsoft which comes as a replacement of the previous, more problematic OS: Windows Vista. According to many users and specialists, Windows 7 is what Vista should have been a few years ago. Although, Microsoft was focused on performance when developing the new OS, it didnt forget about features. Therefore Windows 7 is not only a better performer and more user-friendly than Vista, but also has some new glossy features which you can check out below:

Jump List - when right clicking on the large icons on the "new Taskbar ", a menu appears containing the most used applications. Also, you have the possibility to choose between actions.

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