Should you really consider Apple products as superior?

We all know the struggle and haterad between Apple and everything else – wether it be Android or iOS, Samsung or Apple , Mac computers vs Windows computers.

If you are on the Android or Windows side of the river then you call Apple users stupid and that they waste their money. If you are on the Apple side of the river, then you just respond with “Whatever” and suggest them to actually try a product that doesn’t need constant hacking to function.

Apple does have some real valid points in this field as the hardware is all made under the same roof with software, this means – there are no compliancy issues with them. There will not be a software that doesnt support your chipset or something similar. Its not like Android phones are bad, but if you take the amount of different configurations available in the world, then we have issues.

I mean c’mon, even Apple has had their fair share with chipsets and they order them from a handful of companies – imagine hundreds of different phone companies ordering them from hundreds of different chip producers.

You see the problem there right?

Not trying to be a hardcore Apple fan, but next time – try an Apple device and you might not need our website to learn about registry hacks and other things that make windows OK 🙂


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